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Hulikal falls aka Balebare Falls

Hulikal falls aka Balebare Falls

Hulikal falls also called Balebare Falls

Hulikal falls, 400 feet High waterfalls located near Hulikal Village near Masthikatte one of the wettest places in Karnataka.  The Beauty of Hulikal falls is located right on the Kundapur to Shivamogga NH 52 is basically a Rain waterfall visible only during the Raining season.
The Rainwater gushing from the top of a huge stone blunder in the middle of Western Ghats Forest is a special treat to eyes, Even though 30% of this falls has made way to NH 52, still, it has retained its beauty.
Hulikal falls got this name because of the nearby Village name Hulikal it is a Kannada term, Huli means Tiger, and Kal means Rock, literally, it means Tiger Rock.  Interestingly Hulikal is one of the wettest places in Karnataka with an average rainfall of over 8000 mm Annually.
Hulikal falls is only 15 km from India’s Highest waterfall called The Kunchikal Abhi Falls,  and the Talasi Abhi Falls is 35 km away.


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  5. Other Popular Places to visit near Hulikal Falls.
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  7. Not to do Things at Hulikal.
  8. How to Reach Hulikal falls. 
  9. The Kunchikal Falls, India’s Highest Waterfalls. 

Hulikal falls aka Balebare Falls Key Info:

Location Hulikal village, near Masthikatte
Water Source Rain Water Stream
Height 400 feet,
Waterfalls Type Cascade
Indian Ranking No Data Available
World Ranking No Data Available
Nearest Major Town Hosangadi Town
Pass / Permission Nil – Open area
Nearest Accommodation Siddapura, Kundapura Taluk
Nearest Bus station Siddapura.
Nearest Airport Mangalore Airport
Entry Fees Free
Best time to Visit June to November
Sanitizer Availability Not Available
Thermal Screening Not Available
Peak Season Uncrowded Place.
Land Hilly area
Weather Rainy season June to November
Map Hulikal Falls Map

Hulikal Falls, Accommodation options. 

Siddapur a booming town in the Kundapur taluk of Udupi district is by far the location to stay for a visit to Hulikal Falls.

Things to do at Hulikal Village: 

  • Visit Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, also called Sri Kshetra Vagra Shilapura, Hulikal PIN Code- 577425.
Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple
Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, Hulikal
  • Visit the Hulikal Ghat viewpoint, which offers some of the stunning views of the Western Ghats, ghat view.
Huikal Ghat View point, Hulikal
Hulikal Ghat Viewpoint, Hulikal
  • Visit Sri Chandikamba Temple, Sri Kshetra Chanikavana, Hulikal 577425.
    Goddess Chandikamba one of the most powerful goddesses, and Chandika Homa is quite a popular Vedic ritual performed.
Sri Kshetra Chanikavana, Hulikal
Sri Kshetra Chanikavana, Hulikal
Hulikal Falls Distance from Various Cities and Towns. 
Starting from City / Town To Hulikal Falls Distance in KM
Bengaluru / Bangalore 383 km via NH 48
Mysore 324 km via Arsikere – Mysore Rd
Mangalore 130 km via NH 66
Chikmagalur 140 km via Chikkamagaluru – Sringeri Rd
Udupi 75 km via Kundapura – Shimoga Rd
Kundapura 50 km via Kundapura – Shimoga Rd
Kollur 66 km via Kollur Mookambika – Kundapura Rd and Kundapura – Shimoga Rd
Agumbe 50 km via NH169A
Sringeri 66 km via Thirthahalli Main Road-Sringeri Main Rd
Thirthahalli 36 km via Thirthahalli Main Road-Sringeri Main Rd
Gokarna 185 km via NH 66
Goa 298 km via NH 66
Murudeshwara 111 km via NH 66 and Kundapura – Shimoga Rd
Shivamogga 104 km via Kundapura – Shimoga Rd
Sagara 80 km via Sagar-Hosanagar Rd and Kundapura – Shimoga Rd
Sirsi 152 km via Sagar-Hosanagar Rd
Jog Falls 115 km via Sagar-Hosanagar Rd and Kundapura – Shimoga Rd

Other Popular Places to visit near Hulikal Falls: 

  1. Yadur a remote Village in the Western Ghats. 
  2. Mani Dam on Varahi River. 
  3. Masthikatte one of the wettest place in Karnataka Similar to Agumbe.
  4. Kunchikal Falls.
  5. Kavaledurga, Trekking required to reach this Fort.
  6. 500 years old historical Shivappa Nayaka Fort, Nagara.
  7. Belakal Govinda Thirtha Falls.
  8. Kodachadri hills.
  9. Udupi the temple town.
  10. Malpe Beach and st mary’s island.
  11. Anegudde Sri Siddi Vinayaka Temple.
  12. Kundapura.
  13. Murudeshwara.
  14. Agumbe Ghat, Barkana falls the second highest waterfalls in Karnataka.
  15. Sri Sigandur Sri Chowdeshwari Temple.

Hulikal Falls, Video comparison taken at two different times. 

Hulikal Falls Video taken December 2019.

Watch Video

Hulikal Falls Video taken during August 2020. 

Watch Video

Hulikal Ghat Video taken during August 2020.

Watch Video

Talasi Abbi Falls 

Watch Video

Belakal Govinda Tirtha.

Watch Video

Sri Mookambika Temple.

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Not to do Things at Hulikal (Warning – Most Important) 

  • The Hulikal falls located inside the western ghats with think Forest,  also home to 4 types of Poisonous snakes namely,  The King Cobra, Russel Viper, Indian Krait, and Cobras, so do not entry the forest area and that is illegal also.
  • During the Rainy season, beware of leeches, you can avoid this by carrying salt with you.
  • 12 Km before and after Hulikal there is no Coffee shops or Restaurants so carry drinking water.

For Accommodation, Taxi, Local Guide please use the contact form, or Call +91 8431671363

How to Reach Hulikal falls. 

» If Driving by own vehicle Bangalore to Hulikal Falls map is here.
» if the plan is by Bus (KSTRC) or By Private Bus service, the best option will be to book a ticket for Hosangadi or Hulikal from here you can hire taxi or autorickshaw, Both Accommodation and Food is available at Hosangadi Town.
» If the Plan is by Train means Kundapura Railway Station (KUDA) is at 50 km distance, Udupi Railway Station (UD) is at 76 km distance.
» if the plan is by Air means Mangalore International Airport (IATA: IXE, ICAO: VOML) is at 133 km distance.
» if you are looking for any package tour to Kunchikal falls contact 8431671363 / Whatsapp / Telegram.
» Please note there are few other places popular by name Hulikal, this place named Hulikal where Hulikal falls is located Pincode is 576282.

The Kunchikal Abhi Falls, India’s Highest Waterfalls. 

Location: Nidagodu village, near Masthikatte, Shimoga district, Karnataka.
Latitude and Longitude coordinates at 13.697397259862576, 75.01979695161246.

Kunchikal falls, 455m (1,493 ft) Highest waterfalls in India, 116th in the World,  formed by the Varahi River, located near Nidagodu Village, Near Masthikatte, Varahi Underground Power project, Varahi Dam. Please note, it is near impossible for most people to reach the tip of Kunchikal Falls, because it is located in the deep Forest, Cliff, and Protected Varahi dam. However there another viewpoint of Kunchikal falls, it can be viewed safely at Hosangadi, a village in the Udupi district of Karnataka 577448, India coordinates at 13.69722 North, 74.9969 East.
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Below is the Map of Kunchikal Falls (Tip), Talasi Abbi Falls, Hulikal Falls (also called Balebare Falls), Hosangadi, and Kunchikal Falls Viewpoint. 

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