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Vasantha Vallabharaya Temple

Garuda gamba infort of Vasantha Vallabharaya temple,

Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy Temple, Vasanthapura:

Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy Temple also called Sri Vasantha Valli Nayaki sametha Sri Vallabharaya Swamy Devasthana, is the most ancient temple in the entire Bangalore District, the temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya which is another name of Lord Sri Venkateshwara an incarnation of Lord Sri Vishnu, also popularly called Sri Balaji, again he is, an incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. Vasantha is the Sanskrit term for the spring season, Vallabha, Raya, Swamy, is also Sanskrit terms for the lord, Thus Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy will mean “Lord of the Spring Season”, the location of this temple presently called Vasanthapura, Located in the Bangalore South Taluk, Uttarahalli-4, Hobli.

» Address: Location Bengaluru South Taluk, Uttarahalli, Vasanthapura, Subramanyapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560061.
» Open and Closing Hours: 6:00 am to 11:30 am & 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm
» Covid 19 update (2021): Entry with Mask, after Thermal scanning and Sanitizer.
» Contact number: Call Landline- 080-26663874, +91 9986138484  Mr. Mahesh.

Table of Content:
(Key Information about Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Temple and Quick Guide) 

» About Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy temple.
» History and Legend.
» Overview.
» Amenities.
» Pricing of Seva List.
» How to Reach.
» Vedic Religious deeds. (Things to-do list)
» Videos of Temple.
» How to appease Lord Sri Vasantha Vallabha.
» Nearby attractions.

About Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy Temple: 

Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy Temple can be deemed as specimens of an ancient Hindu temple building architecture,  this temple fulfills all the aspects mentioned in Temple Vastu Shastra (Shastra Sanskrit term for manual), that’s the reason the temple still in good condition even after 2000 years.
The Temple premises located on hilltop still having vast open around it, in which, Ashwattha Katte (Peepal Tree with a circumambulate path), Nagara Katte is yet another circumambulate path here the idols of the Snake god along with the Lord Subramanya, Garuda gamba, Dhwaja Stambha, Balipeeta, Kalyani, Co-deities are installed. 

Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Temple
Vasantha Vallabharaya Temple


The idol of Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy is Swayambhu (self-manifested) thus its divinity can not be explained,  it is said that whoever not able to visit the Lord Sri Venkateshwara temple at Tirupati-Tirumala if they are able to Visit Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy will be equally blessed.  Please note that Lord Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy is another name of Lord Sri Venkateshwara. 

History and Legend of Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy Temple (Sthala Purana):

The Mandavya Maharshi (a sage who appears in the period of, in Epic Mahabharata) travels from the Himalayas towards South India, While during his stay in one of the nearby caves of (Guptagiri), while meditating felt the presence of Sri Vallabharaya Swamy, who guided him that, the Sri Vallabharaya Swamy himself residing at Kalyanpuri (present-day Vasanthpura). When Mandavya Maharshi came to Kalyanpuri delighted to see the Idols of Sri Vasantha Vallabha Raya Swamy and his consorts began to the built temple as per the Vedic rituals, and prana Pratisthana of the idols, performed every day poojas. inside the temple of Vasantha Vallabharaya, the statue of Mandavya Maharshi has been installed, below is the pic of the same. 

Mandavya Maharshi Statue at Vasantha Vallabharaya temple,
Mandavya Maharshi Statue at Vasantha Vallabharaya temple,

This Temple is built-in during the reign of the Cholas, The Chola architecture can be experienced clearly here, the temple foundation is a hard granite bed and the walls of the temple have huge blocks of granite with a minimum carving on them,  in the below photo you could see that. 

Chola Architecture at the Vasanthpura temple
Chola Architecture at the Vasanthpura temple

Also, there were Five Kalyani (stepwell) namely, Shankha tirtha, Chakratirtha, Plavatirtha, Deva tirtha, and Vasanta tirtha, it is believed that Lord Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy himself had taken a bath here, however, due to urbanization these Kalyani have ruined, but one Devathirtha has resorted and given back its past glory below is the photo of that taken on 26th November 2020: 

Devathirtha Kalyani, Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy Temple
Devathirtha Kalyani, Vasanthpura

Stones inscriptions found in Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy Temple belonging to the Chola period states that this place (Vasanthapura) was called by name Tombalur, which means land of thick forest, sages meditated here and spent the time by performing Penance here in the caves.  Interestingly 15 km from here is Bannerghatta Forest which later connects to Biligirirangana betta (B.R.Hills), Forest, and Sathyamangalam Forest.  Rivetingly another inscription found at Sri Chokkanatha temple (dedicated to Lord Vishnu) at Domlur 18 km away from Vasanthpura, the inscription mentioning the name of the area of that temple (Chokkanatha temple, Domlur) as Tombalur also, by this it can be assumed that the Bangalore (Bengaluru) during the Cholas reign was called by name Tombalur. 

Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy Temple Overview:

Established year  Ancient at least 3000 years old.
Founder Mandavya Maharshi.
Main Deity Lord Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy, Lord Vishnu’s Incarnation.
Co Deities Goddess Valli and Goddess Bhooneela (Consorts of Lord Sri Vallabharaya).
Temple Architecture style  Chola Architectural style, with traces of Ganga Architectural style.
Prathishtana by  Maharishi Mandavya (Rare).
Administration by Government of Karnataka, Muzrai department
Ashwattha Katte Yes, Available.
Nagara Katte Yes, Available.
Navagraha Shrine  Yes, Available.
Garudagamba (Victory Pillar) Yes, Available. 
Special days   Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Amavasya & Purnima.
Peak rush Day Vaikunta Ekadashi
Friday, 25 December 2020.
Group Satyanarayana Pooja  Yes Performed on Full moon days.
Sudarshana Homa  Yes on demand.
Kshetra  Paramapada Kshetra (Moksha stala).
Scared Month for Worshipping Lord Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy is the month of Magha.  Starts
Friday, 12 February 2021
and ends on
Saturday, 13 March 2021
Meditation Hall Yes, Available. 
Preachings on Vedas / Bhagavad-Gita No,
Vedic Remedies for  Marriage and Disturbances in Marriage. 
Archana (prayer offering) cost Rs 10/-  per person 
Pradhana Archaka (Main priest) Sri
Annual Rathotsava on Magha Nakshatra in Magha Masa.

Amenities at “Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy Temple”:

Amenities Description
Open and Close hours  6:00 am to 11:30 am
4.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Holiday Nil 
Free Hand-Sanitizer Yes 
Thermal Scanning  Yes 
Entry fees Free of Cost
Dress code Nil 
Vehicle Parking  Yes Free of Cost
Wheelchair accessible parking Yes 
Nearest BMTC Bus Stop at 50 meters away
Nearest Metro Station Yelachenahalli Metro Station at 3.1 km away.
Nearest Auto Rickshaw Stand at 50 meters away
Drinking-Water Yes
Hand-leg Washing  Yes Available
Footwears Stand Yes
Safe locker No
Wash Room Yes, Available. 
Distance from Vidhana Soudha  12.8 Km

Price list of the Top Sevas performed at Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy temple: 

No Seva Name Cost in Rs.
1 Ashtothara Namavali Rs. 10
2 Panchamrutha Abhisheka Rs 450
3 Kalyanotsava Rs 5000
4 Sudarshana Homam Rs 2650
5 Tulabara Rs 400
6 Vahana Utsava Rs 2000
7 Prakarotsava Rs 1750
8 Udbhava Murthy Abisheka Rs 330
9 Sudarshana Abhisheka Rs 350
10 Puliyogare Rs 325
11 Sweet Pongal Rs 460
12 Kara Pongal Rs 340
13 Kesari Bath Rs 350
14 Mosaranna Rs 230
15 Vademale Rs 350
16 Kadamba (Bisi Bele Bath) Rs 350
17 Chitranna Rs 225
18 Sasahara Namaarchane Rs 30
19 Belli Rathotsava Rs 2000
20 Vahana pooja two-wheeler Rs 50
21 Vahana pooja three-wheeler Rs 75
22 Vahana pooja Four Wheeler Rs 100
23 Vahana pooja Six Wheeler Rs 150

This temple of Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy temple is Managed under Karnataka Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Department, thus any donations made are eligible for Deduction under Section 80G of Income Tax Act.

How to reach Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy Temple and Map

Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation reaches every corner of Bengaluru, Nearest Bus station to Vasanthapura is Banashankari TTMC Bus stop.

  1. BMTC Bus from Krishnarajendra Market aka (KR market).
    Bus route no 210.
  2. BMTC Bus from Kempegowda Bus Station aka (Majestic).
    Bus route no 210R.
  3. BMTC Bus from Shivajinagar Bus Station.
    Bus route no 210G.
Vedic religious deeds that can be performed at Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy Temple are, 
  • Ashwattha Katte is Peepal Tree with a circumambulate path (This deed is called Ashwattha Katte Pradakshina). The Hindu temples are built keeping in mind the multidimensional aspects of the Sanatana Dharma, which not only emphasis the Moksha (Moksha means liberation from birth and rebirth cycle)  aspect but also the Artha (Artha means worldly pleasure,  Assets,  tangible things).  For Artha-related queries In Vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter (Guru) is attributed (Karakatwa).  Ashwattha Tree (peepal Tree, Ficus religiosa, or sacred fig) is assigned to the Planet Guru, thus for Marriage, Artha related problems one has to do Pradakshina of Ashwattha Tree. 
  • Astonishing scientific fact about the Ashwattha tree is one of the rare trees which gives Oxygen 24 hours, Usually, Neem trees are also can be found along with the Ashwattha tree in “Ashwattha Katte”  yet another tree which not only gives Oxygen 24 hours but also absorbs the sulfur dioxide (SO2) from the atmosphere, Thus doing Pradakshina in Ashwattha Katte gives most required Oxygen (O) for free. 
  • Nagara Katte is a circumambulate path here the idols of the Snake god along with the Lord Subramanya will be there. As per Sanatana Dharma, the Snakes are a representation of the unpredictable universal energy, Killing a snake will stop the prosperity thus never kill or harm snakes.  As per Vedic Astrology, the planets Rahu-Ketu Represent The snake worshipping it gives prosperity, Interestingly Indians are more prone to have snakes in the dream. 
  • Navagraha temple, most of the Temples in India will have one place dedicated to Navagraha with circumambulating path, the Nine planets in Vedic astrology,  
  •  Garuda gamba has to be seen first before having the Darshan of Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya, if anyone who is not in a condition to enter inside the temple can prayer here, which is as good as seeing and praying the Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya inside itself.  Garuda gamba, Dhwaja Stambha, Vijaya Stambha, and Deepa Stambha (these are various types of pillars) and serve different purposes.
Garuda gamba infort of Vasantha Vallabharaya temple,
Garuda gamba in front of the temple,
  • temple’s Dhwaja Stambha right in front of the temple coated with Brass. At the top of these pillars, there will be three horizontal bars pointing towards the Main Sanctum, which represents three Lords, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. in the below photo you can clearly see the Dhwaja Stambha. 
Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya temple's Dhwaja Stambha
Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya temple Dhwaja Stambha
  • Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya temple Balipeeta (Sacrificial pedestal, but not physical sacrifices) is the place where Naivedyam (Food) offered to the co-deities of the outer side of the temple. The Balipeeta is usually placed before Dhwaja Stambha. In the below photo you can see Dhwaja Stambha before that a Balipeeta.
Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya temple Balipeeta
Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya temple Balipeeta
  • Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya temple is one of the ancient Temple built as per Vastu Shastra in the below photo you clearly see the Garudagamba later Balipeeta and Dhwaja Stambha facing Sanctum all in order.
Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya temple, Vastu Shastra
Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya temple, Vastu Shastra
  • Special days for praying at Lord Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya are Fridays and Saturdays, Ekadashi (the 11th Thithi) as per Hindu Calendar of Moon Cycle, Vaikunta Ekadashi falling on Friday, 25 December 2020 is very much a special day to get the bliss of Lord Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya. Upcoming Scared Month for Worshipping Lord Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy is the month of Magha. Starts on Friday, 12 February 2021 and it will end on Saturday, 13 March 2021.
  • The best and easy way to appease Lord Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya is, Since he the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, he is fond of Decoration (Sanskrit word for that is Alankara Priya) that’s the reason whenever you visit the Vishnu temple it will be highly decorated. The flowers like Shevanti (Chrysanthemums), Parijatha (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis), Lotus, Tulasi (Ocimum tenuiflorum), Dasavala (chrysanthemum), Sandalwood paste, Bilva leaves (Bael tree leaves) can be offered. One of the Vedic remedies for monetary problems, one has to offer yellow color flowers to Lord Vishnu temples.
  • Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy temple is renowned for sacred thread (yellow colored) which are tied to getting Married and for solving Marriages related issues, this service offered for free, but you can donate as per your wish. 

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People also ask.

Where is Vallabharaya temple Bangalore located, and address?

Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy temple is located at Vasanthpura,
The address is Vasanthapura Bus stop, Subramanyapura, Bengaluru 560061

What is the timings of Vasanthapura Vallabharaya temple?
Open and Close hours are 6:00 am to 11:30 am and 4.30 pm to 9.00 pm

Is Group Satyanarayana pooja performed at Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy temple?
Yes performed only on Full Moon Days (Hunime)

Is Kalyanotsava performed at Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy temple?
Yes on Demand, at additional cost.

What is the difference between Vasanthapura temple and Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy temple?
Vasanthapura is the local area name where is Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya temple is Situated.

Vasanthapura Shiva Temple?
Vasanthpura Shiva Temple is Sri Bhavani Shankar temple situated next to Sri Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy temple, Built-in the 17th century by Marathas.

Nearby Attractions of Vasanthpura Temple are:

Don't Just Visit Vasanthpura, Explore it, below are the some of the interesting and historical places in and around Vasanthpura.

  1. Resorted Kalyani.
  2. Sri Bhavani Shankar Temple.
  3. Upcoming Sri Krishna Leela Theme Park at Vaikunta Hill, by ISKCON.
  4. Sri Sai Spiritual Centre.
  5. An Open well established in 1932 CE, during the British reign.
  6. An ancient Cave where Sri Mandavya Maharshi meditated.
  7.  An ancient Lakshmi Narasimha temple.

The most recent special event at Vasantha Vallabharaya Swamy Temple is Vaikunta Ekadashi on 25-December-2020, Watch a video of the event below. 

Watch Video

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