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Thade Hodiyodu (obstacle Crushing)

Thade hodiyodu

Thade Hodiyodu (Obstacle Crushing):

Thade Hodiyodu is a Kannada word, which means Obstacle Crushing, In Sanskrit, this activity is referred to as “Stambhana Kriya” To understand the real purpose of Thade Hodiyodu one should have little awareness of Science and as well as the dynamics and essence of Sanatana Dharma, and the Vedic tantras.

Quickly Jump to Top “Thade Hodiyodu” places in and around Bengaluru:

» Sri Bande Mahakali Devalaya.
» Kannalli Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Kshetra, Kodigehalli, Bengaluru.
» Sri Maleyamma Devi Temple, Kundur, Channarayapattana, Hassan.
» Sri Chowdeshwari Devalaya, Sri Kshetra Dasarighatta, Tumkur.
» Sri Narasimha Swamy Devasthana, Hatyal Betta, Gubbi, Tumkur.
» Sri Nageshwara Swamy Temple, Navile, Channarayapattana, Hassan.
» Sri Kabbalamma Temple, Kabbalu, Kanakapura
» Pricing of Thade Hodiyodu.
» Items used for Thade Hodiyodu.

Theory of Thade Hodiyodu, The logic, and magic beyond Science: 

Before proceeding towards the procedure of Thade Hodiyodu one should be knowing a few basic elements of Sanatana Dharma, then only this can be understood in a more scientific manner. 

  1. The Sanatana Dharma’s 4 basic aims of life are Dharma (moral values), Artha (profits, gains, wealth, Health, Gold, etc), Kama (pleasure from tangible objects), and Moksha (Free from birth and rebirth cycle), these 4 aims of life are actually called Purushartha. 
  2. However, while attaining these purusharthas of life during the normal course of life, Individuals may be facing many obstacles, to deal with such obstacles arising in day to day life the Sanatana Dharma has various methods as mentioned below.
    1. Temples: Visiting a particular Temple is recommended, for example, if a person has a delay in getting married he will be suggested to visit Tirupati-Tirumala and perform “Kalyanotsava” for the Lord Sri Venkateshwara’s.
    2. Yantra, which is specific geometric formations of various kinds scripted on a thin layer of Gold, Silver, and Copper measuring 5 inches by 5 inches, these formations are symbolic of God or Goddess. For example, if a person getting frequent nightmares means he will be advised to worship Hanuman yantra.
    3. Mantra, are a couplet of Sanskrit verse praising a God or Goddess. For example, if a person has debt problems means he will be advised to chant Goddess Sri Lakshmi Mantra. 
    4. Homa is a fire ritual that involves a process of burning a few elements like, Ghee, cotton, and etc. Agnihotra is one of the easiest Homa to attain all-round prosperity. 
    5. Tantra can be termed as a technique using physical objects to accomplish certain goals. For example,  if a person not getting enough money for his livelihood, he can offer Honey to Lord Shiva. Tantra is the easiest way to attain the desired results of purushartha and to this day and age, it’s relatively cheaper.  Tantra again has two branches one is Called Sadachara (Right path) another one Vamachara (Left path).  Both the occult practices of Sadachara Tantra and Vamachara Tantra are ascribed to one Goddess Sri Lalitha Parameshwari and Thade Hodiyodu is a Tantra to Remove Obstacles raised out of bad aspects.

Generally, normal Human beings will be constantly emitting 6 kinds of thoughts, in Sanatana dharma, they are called Arishadvargas, Namely Kama (desire, craving), Krodha (Anger, rage, outrage, fury, irritation, indignation, agitation, antagonism, ), Lobha (Greed, jealousy), Moha (attachment, devotedness), Madha (pride, ego, Self-esteem), and Matsara (enmity, rivalry).

Thade hodiyodu
Thade hodiyodu

Aura in Humans believed, having a low-level electromagnetic field, an ancient theory says this energy is expressed in seven layers, each one having a connection with physical vitality, Emotional health, Mental Balance, and Spiritual vibes.

Thus any Humans aspects with any of Arishadvargas stated above can positively or negatively impact the other person,  if the other person’s Aura is week then he will be facing problems, to remove this bad energy from the affected person in Vedic tantra it is called Stambhana kriya, in Kannada, it is called Thade Yodiyodu.

Thade Hodiyodu can be performed in both Sadachara Tantra and Vamachara Tantra, further, in Sadachara Tantra the actions are performed using Mantras and for sacrifices will be Coconut breaking, Lemon Crushing, Ashground hammering. Whereas in Vamachara Tantra the actions are less with mantras and for sacrifices will be of the pot, Eggs so on. 

Top Thade Hodiyodu places in and around Bengaluru:

There are many in and around Bengaluru (Bangalore)serving mankind from the past 1000 years regarding the problems which are not so easy to express, neither not so easy to explain. below is the list of the temples where it is popular for the act of Thade Hodiyodu are; 

1. Sri Bande Mahakaali Devalaya Dedicated to Goddess Sri Mahakaali.

Address, Kempambudhi Kere Yeri, 75, Brindavan Nagar, Gavipuram Guttahalli, Srinagar, Kempegowda Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560019.

Sri Bande Mahakali Devalaya also locally mispronounced as Bandi Kalamma temple, Dedicated to Goddess Sri Mahakali, one of the most fierce manifestations of the supreme God.  This temple was established in circa  1200 CE,   300 years much before the founding of Bengaluru Pete itself. Thade Hodiyodu is offered at this temple, for ages. 


Sri Bande Mahakali Devalaya, Bengaluru
Sri Bande Mahakali Devalaya, Bengaluru

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2. Kannalli Veerabhadra Swamy Kshetra. 

Address, Kodigehalli, Kannalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560112.

Sri Veerabhadra Swamy is one in the Gana of Lord Shiva,  who was created when the lord was in an angry Mood.  This temple believed to be 2000 years.  Thade Hodiyodu is offered at this temple and if you are a pure vegetarian this will be the right place for you. 

Kannalli Veerabhadra Swamy Kshetra
Kannalli Veerabhadra Swamy Kshetra
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3. Sri Maleyamma Devi Temple, Kundur.

Address, Doddakarade, Karnataka 573111.

Sri Maleyamma Devi temple located in the middle of Banyan tree woods the size of the temple is a little smaller in size but very powerful temple as per believers, Thade Hodiyodu is quite popular here and Sunday will be crowded. 

Sri Maleyamma Devi Temple, Kundur
Sri Maleyamma Devi Temple, Kundur
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4. Sri Chowdeshwari Devalaya, Sri Kshetra Dasarighatta.

Address, Sri Chowdeshwari Temple Road, Halepalya, Karnataka 572226.

Sri Chowdeshwari Goddess is a very well known place for the Thade Hodiyodu from the ages. 

Sri Chowdeshwari Devalaya, Sri Kshetra Dasarighatta
Sri Chowdeshwari Devalaya, Sri Kshetra Dasarighatta
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5. Sri Narasimha Swamy Devasthana, Hatyal Betta, 

Address, Karekurchi B, Bengaluru Honnavar Road, near Kibbanahalli Cross, Karnataka 572214.

Sri Narasimha Swamy Devasthana is also called Sri Hathyalu Ugra Narasimha Swamy and Sri Kencharaya Swamy betta is the fierce manifestation of Lord Sri Vishnu.  Here there are two temples one dedicated to Lord Sri Narasimha Swamy at the top of the Hillock, and in the middle of the Hill is Sri Kencharaya Swamy. At Sri Kencharaya Swamy Thade Hodiyodu is available. Please note here the cost is quite high, it’s around 3000 per person. 

Sri Narasimha Swamy Devasthana, Hatyal Betta, 
Sri Narasimha Swamy Devasthana, Hatyal Betta,
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6. Sri Nageshwara Swamy Temple, Navile:

Address, Navile, Karnataka 573131

Sri Nageshwara Swamy Temple also called Sri Navile Nageshwara Panchalingeshwara Darshana Kshetra, established in the year 1653 CE on the banks of a vast lake called Navile lake.  Apart from Thade Hodiyodu, Ashlesha Bali is also performed here. 

Sri Nageshwara Swamy Temple, Navile
Sri Nageshwara Swamy Temple, Navile
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7. Sri Kabbalamma Temple, Kabbalu, Kanakapura.

Address: Kabbalu, Karnataka 562126

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Pricing of “Thade Hodiyodu”

Place  Pricing Items
Sri Bande Mahakali Devalaya Rs 100 Inclusive
Kannalli Veerabhadra Swamy Kshetra Rs 100 Inclusive
Sri Maleyamma Devi Temple Rs 100 Inclusive
Sri Chowdeshwari Devalaya Rs 50 no
Sri Nageshwara Swamy Temple Rs 150 Inclusive
Sri Narasimha Swamy Devasthana Rs 1500 Inclusive
Sri Kabbalamma Temple Rs 100 Inclusive

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People Also Ask

  1. What is “Thade Hodiyodu” in Sanskrit?

In Sanskrit, Stambhana Kriya,  in Kannada it is Thade Hodiyodu, In English literally obstacle Crushing.

2. Service Cost of Thade Hodiyodu in Bengaluru?

Will around 100 Rupees per person.

3. Items required or used in Thade Hodiyodu?

Generally, 5 items in total used in the process, which includes a Coconut, one small mud pot, Lemon and Thread.





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