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Kunchikal Falls

Kunchikal falls,

Kunchikal Falls, The highest waterfalls in India: 

Kunchikal falls, 455m (1,493 ft) Highest waterfalls in India, 116th in the World,  formed by the Varahi River, located near Nidagodu Village, Near Masthikatte, and to this village, only the residents of the village are allowed, for the general public is not possible to reach the tip of Kunchikal Falls, because it is located in the deep Forest, Cliff, and Protected Varahi dam. However there is another view of these falls, which can be viewed safely at Hosangadi, a village in the Udupi district of Karnataka 577448, India coordinates at 13.69722 North, 74.9969 East.
» Location: Nidagodu village, near Masthikatte, Shimoga district, Karnataka.
Latitude and Longitude coordinates at 13.697397259862576, 75.01979695161246.
» Viewpoint location is at Hosangadi, a village in the Udupi district of Karnataka 577448, it is 15 km away from the tip of Kunchikal falls, to where actually the maps lead.

Kunchikal Falls the only real video on the entire internet is below, 

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» Jog Falls Vs Kunchikal Falls is the ultimate comparison.

Our story, Bangalore to Kunchikal Falls, Talasi Abbi Falls, and Hulikal Falls. 

Last December post-covid-19, I (Umesh Babu) along with my Friends Manjunath, Darshan,  and Ganesh planned a tour to Kunchikal Falls since there were no real Photos or Videos of Kunchikal Falls on the internet we were Keen to see the Highest Waterfalls of India.  below is our complete itinerary:

Day 01: We started in the early morning at 5:00 am and left Bangalore to Kunchikal Falls, via NH 48, on the way we visited Tumakauru, Sira, and Hiriyur by 9:00 am we had our breakfast here. The journey was very enjoyable due to the beautiful countryside of Karnataka, Ajjampur, Tarikere, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Thirthahalli, Mulubagilu, Kavale Durga Fort, and Paramatma shooting spot, were some of the major towns and villages of this area we came across and we reached a place called Yadur.
By 3:00 pm we had reached a place called Yadur which is just 8 km away from the Kunchikal Falls, here one of the local people Mr. Srinivas was waiting for us, he was sent by Mr. Naveen Gowda a friend of Ganesh to assist in visiting Kunchikal Falls.  We picked up Mr. Srinivas then drove towards the falls using a map,  on the way we came across the breathtaking view of the Mani Reservoir, we spent a few minutes here and went ahead towards the Kunchikal,   Before 4km there is a gate which is guarded by police, they stopped us from moving further and advised us that this area highly protected due to Varahi Underground Power Project and no one will be allowed beyond that point. Only the residents of Nidagodu Village are allowed, and one more piece of advice from them was that the tip of kunchikal falls is in a thick forest with highly poisonous snakes, a very deep cliff, and slippery ground which leads to a valley, thus all our excitement vanished to see the highest waterfalls of India.
Our guide Mr. Srinivas had another idea to see the Kunchikal falls he advised tomorrow he will take us to another spot some 18 km away from where the falls can be viewed without any Danger, for which we all agreed. Since we had another 2 hours of sunshine, Mr. Srinivas took us to another Wonderful fall by the name of Talasi Abbi Falls, below is a pic of that.

alasi Abbi Falls, Near Yadur
Talasi Abbi Falls, Near Yadur

On Day 02: After breakfast by 8:00 am we left for Hosangadi, on the way we visited the popular Hulikal falls at Hulikal Ghat, which is also called Balebare Falls, and Balebare Ghat, because of a village nearby named Balebare Grama, Hulikal Falls is a treat to eyes, with lush full greenery and a hill station ambiance,  below is the pick of Hulikal Falls,

Hulikal falls aka Balebare Falls
Hulikal falls aka Balebare Falls

Proceeding further at 18 km we reached Hosangadi and from here it’s only 3 km to Kunchikal falls and it is a breathtaking sight of a Falls from the middle of two huge mountains, but the water volume is less, always because of the source of this dam is Varahi River and it has been dammed at two stages and no adequate supply to this waterfalls.  below are the pics of Kunchikal waterfalls from the front view,  no trekking, or hiking is required to this place.


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Kunchikal Falls also called Kunchikal Abbi Falls: 

Kunchikal Falls has the best view and a full view is possible only from the Kunchikal Falls viewpoint located near Hosangadi. a village in the Udupi district, Hosangadi also houses the Varahi Underground power project. see the below the video ⇓


Map of Viewpoint, only from this location, you can view the falls, Very few Know this spot.

Kunchikal Falls Overview: 

Location Nidagodu village, near Masthikatte
Water Source Varahi River
Height 1493 feet, 455 meters
Waterfalls Type Cascade
Indian Ranking No 1
World Ranking No 116th
Nearest Major Town Hosangadi Town
Pass / Permission Yes, issued at Hosangadi Gate
Nearest Accommodation Siddapura, Kundapura Taluk
Nearest Bus station Siddapura.
Nearest Airport Mangalore Airport
Entry Fees Free
Best time to Visit Round the Year, only minimum Water due to the Underground Power plant.
Sanitizer Availability Not Available
Thermal Screening Not Available
Peak Season Uncrowded Place.
Land Hilly area
Weather Rainy season July to October

Why Kunchikal Falls is not so Popular as Jog Falls:

  1. Kunchikal falls, (locally called Kunchikal Abbi Falls) is not so popular as Jog Falls, or any other fall because the source of this waterfall is the Varahi River, dammed at 2 stages, and there will be never an adequate supply of water through this falls. Check the above Video this was shot During the heavy Raining season of August 2020, Even though the dam was full, you can hardly witness any water.  
  2. Varahi River also called Halady (Haladi) originates near a village called “Hebbagilu” near Agumbe in Thirthahalli taluk of Shivamogga District of Karnataka. is one of the rare rivers which originates in western ghats and joins the Arabian sea. The river basin of The Varahi River is some of the wettest places not only in Karnataka but also in India.  Masthikatte, Hulikal, and Agumbe receive an average of 5000 mm of rain per year. 
  3. Kunchikal Falls even though disappoints visitors with a low volume of water, offers some awesome beauty of western ghats, the Mani dam built on the Varahi river at two stages offers some breathtaking views of the Dam and backwaters.  Varahi Underground Power House, by the name Varahi Hydro Electric Project one of the five only underground Hydro projects in Entire India. This Engineering Marvel constructed in the year 1979 CE produces 230 MW of Electricity.
Kunchikal falls,
Kunchikal falls, Front view


Kunchikal Falls Videos during various seasons: 

videos are located on our youtube channel Hybridindiatourpackages, please subscribe we update new content frequently.

 The video was taken in December 2019. 

Below is the video of the Kunchikal falls it was taken during the heavy rainfall in the month of August 2020. 

Accommodation options. 

Siddapur a booming town in the Kundapur taluk of Udupi district is by far the location to stay for a visit to Kunchikal Falls, here Prashwini inn is an ideal budget hotel, at just 10 km to this location.

Warnings and Dangers must read, (Things not to do)are:
  1. Kunchikal falls is located on Mani Dam built across the Varahi River, for an underground hydro-power project, so the area is entirely secured.  You have to acquire permission to visit the dam.
  2. Located in dense western ghats Forest, do not attempt to reach the top of the falls it is illegal and very dangerous because of cliffs, and highly poisonous snakes like King cobra, Cobra, Indian Krait, and other Poisonous and semi Poisonous snakes.
  3. To reach the top of the dam you have to drive through Hulikal ghat and Reach Yadyur village, To view the front view, you have to take a deviation at Hosangadi Junction.

HD pics 

Kunchikal falls
 front view
Kunchikal falls
Top View
Varahi River
Varahi River

Kunchikal Falls Distance from Various Cities and Towns. 

Starting from City / Town Distance in KM
Bengaluru / Bangalore 383 km via NH 48
Mysore 324 km via Arsikere – Mysore Rd
Mangalore 130 km via NH 66
Chikmagalur 140 km via Chikkamagaluru – Sringeri Rd
Udupi 75 km via Kundapura – Shimoga Rd
Kundapura 50 km via Kundapura – Shimoga Rd
Kollur 66 km via Kollur Mookambika – Kundapura Rd and Kundapura – Shimoga Rd
Agumbe 50 km via NH169A
Sringeri 66 km via Thirthahalli Main Road-Sringeri Main Rd
Thirthahalli 36 km via Thirthahalli Main Road-Sringeri Main Rd
Gokarna 185 km via NH 66
Goa 298 km via NH 66
Murudeshwara 111 km via NH 66 and Kundapura – Shimoga Rd
Shivamogga 104 km via Kundapura – Shimoga Rd
Sagara 80 km via Sagar-Hosanagar Rd and Kundapura – Shimoga Rd
Sirsi 152 km via Sagar-Hosanagar Rd
Jog Falls 115 km via Sagar-Hosanagar Rd and Kundapura – Shimoga Rd

Nearby attractions of the Kunchikal Falls: 
  1. Yadur is a remote Village in the Western Ghats. 
  2. Mani Dam on Varahi River. 
  3. Masthikatte is one of the wettest places in Karnataka Similar to Agumbe.
  4. Hulikal Ghat.
  5. Hulikal Falls.
  6. Kavaledurga, Trekking is required to reach this Fort.
  7. 500 years old historical Shivappa Nayaka Fort, Nagara.
  8. Belakal Govinda Tirtha Falls.
  9. Kodachadri hills.
  10. Udupi is the temple town.
  11. Malpe Beach and st mary’s island.
  12. Anegudde Sri Siddi Vinayaka Temple.
  13. Kundapura.
  14. Murudeshwara.
  15. Agumbe Ghat, Barkana falls the second highest waterfall in Karnataka.
  16. Sri Sigandur Sri Chowdeshwari Temple.

Talasi Abbi Falls 

Belakal Govinda Tirtha.

Sri Mookambika Temple.

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How to Reach the Kunchikal Falls?

» if the plan is by Bus (KSTRC) or By Private Bus service, the best option will be to book a ticket for Hosangadi, from here it is a walkable distance, Both Accommodation and Food is available at Hosangadi Town.
» If the Plan is by Train means Kundapura Railway Station (KUDA) is at 35 km distance, Udupi Railway Station (UD) is at 61 km distance.
» if the plan is by Air means Mangalore International Airport (IATA: IXE, ICAO: VOML) is at 118 km distance.
» if you are looking for any package tour for this location contact 8431671363 / Whatsapp / Telegram.

Listen to the Pronunciation of a few Important words used on this page.

  1. Hosangadi Town, Hulikal Ghat,  Hulikal Falls also called Balebare Falls., Masthikatte town, Yadur Village, Kundapura Railway Station, Udupi Railway Station, Mani Dam, Varahi River,  Mangalore International Airport,  and Siddapura can be heard in the below Audio file. 

Jog Falls Vs Kunchikal Falls is the ultimate comparison. 

  1. Why Kunchikal falls is not as popular as Jog Falls?

Ans: Even though Kunchikal falls is the highest waterfall in India, it is not popular because dammed at 2 stages for the underground Power Plant, there will never adequate supply of water, you can the videos below. However, Nature and panoramic views are similar to Jog falls.

Descriptions Kunchikal Falls Jog Falls 
Location District Shivamogga Shivamogga
Water source  Varahi River Sharavathi River
Height  455m (1,493 ft) 253m (830 ft)
Volume of Water  Very less 5,387 cu ft/s
Waterfall Type  Cascade type Segmented type
Indian Ranking No 1 No 10
World Ranking No 116 No data
Nearest Airport Distance 130 km
(Mangalore Airport)
215 km (Mangalore Airport)
Nearest Railway station Distance 50 km Kundapura Railway station. 96 km Murudeshwar road railway station
Facilities Nil Nil
Amenities Nil All Basics amenities
Popularity Even Locals don’t about this. Popular Worldwide.
Average no of Visitors per Year Less than 5000 1 Million
Safety Dangerous 100%
Natural Dangers Snakes, leeches, Cliff NIl
Natural beauty Breathtaking view Breathtaking view

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