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Alligator Weed

Alligator Weed a Leafy Vegetable

Alligator Weed a leafy Vegetable botanical name is “Alternanthera philoxeroides” in the family of “Amaranthaceae” is not a cash crop that grows as weed agricultural fields, consumed in India.

Alligator Weed
Alligator Weed
Botanical name Alternanthera philoxeroides.
Family Amaranthaceae.
Used Region Worldwide.
Other Common Names red-root amaranth.
Life Cycle Annuals.
Pricing per 500 gm Non-Commercial.
Crop/Weed weed.
Availability June-December.
Raw taste is Sour & Mild Sweet taste.
Key Nutrition is Lipid.
Shelf Life 3 days.
Room Temperature 12 -33° Celsius.
Refrigerator required Up to 20 days in Fridge.
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