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Broadleaf Wood sorrel

Broadleaf WoodSorrel

Broadleaf Wood Sorrel is a leafy Vegetable, the botanical name is “Oxalis latifolia” in the family of “Wood sorrels” is not a cash crop, usually found in Agricultural fields as weed, and it is consumed in India.

Broadleaf WoodSorrel
Broadleaf WoodSorrel
Botanical name Oxalis latifolia.
Family Wood sorrels.
Used Region India.
Other Common Names Broadleaf Wood sorrel.
Life Cycle Annuals.
Pricing per 500 gm Non-Commercial.
Crop / Weed Weed.
Availability June-December.
Raw taste is Extreme Sour taste.
Key Nutrition is Vitamin C.
Shelf Life 3 days.
Room Temperature 12 -33° Celsius.
Refrigerator required up to 15 days in Fridge.

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